Do I Need to Repair or Replace My Air Ducts? - An Expert's Guide

The air conditioning system is designed to work silently, but if you notice new noises and vibrations, it is a sign that the duct system is faulty. If you see visible dents or perforations in the ducts, call a professional to assess the damage. A technician specializing in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems will determine if you would benefit most from a repair or a complete replacement of the ducts and, accordingly, will make the suggestions of the experts. When problems arise with the ducts (for example, damage, blockages etc.) If the ducts make strange noises as air passes through them, you may need to repair them or even replace them.

If ducts are old (more than 15 years old) or are crumbling, it's probably better for homeowners to completely replace them rather than repair them. Old, outdated air ducts can also be incorrectly sized for current HVAC systems; this is a fairly common problem when replacing an air conditioning unit or oven in an old house. Cooling and heating experts carefully design and strategically place air ducts to ensure that your living space fully benefits from your air conditioning system. Damage, such as dents and punctures, can dramatically interfere with the efficiency of the cooling system. To resolve this problem contact an air conditioning service to inspect the air ducts and perform preventive maintenance.

Once the air is cleaned, the ducts circulate clean air to different parts of the room in a continuous cycle. Air ducts are an essential part of your home's ventilation; without them your HVAC unit wouldn't be able to carry air from room to room throughout the house. Air ducts are often the last thing a homeowner thinks about when it comes to caring for their air conditioning system. Duct damage is often accompanied by noises such as rattling or whistling as loose joints vibrate or air escapes through gaps. Because air ducts are often hidden in tight spaces or attics damaged ducts are often easier to detect by looking at symptoms than by examining the ducts themselves. However it is essential to note that over time air duct seals gaskets and gaskets can deteriorate.

Homeowners can do something but for best results and to ensure that all leaks are sealed it's best to call a professional to repair the ducts. This way you will ensure that the air ducts remain in good condition providing high indoor air quality. If there is no need to completely replace the air ducts (if there are only a few small leaks in the system and the ducts are not old enough to warrant replacement) then duct repair is a viable option for sealing leaks.

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