How to Maximize Airflow in Ducts

Are you looking for ways to improve the airflow of your ventilation grilles? There are several options available to you. You can install a larger HVAC unit fan, larger ducts, or booster fans to create a greater difference in air pressure between the ducts and the room. This is because the air pressure in the ducts is always higher than in individual rooms. Additionally, opening windows can help reduce the ambient pressure and increase the difference between the air pressure in the ducts and in the room. To increase air velocity, you'll need to increase the air pressure inside the ducts.

This can be done by closing vents in areas such as the attic, basement, utility room, or other rooms where ventilation isn't necessary. You can also install an air amplifier such as the VenTech DF8 8-inch Duct Fan, 400 CFM. This device is installed in existing ducts and can significantly boost airflow.

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